Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Airtel Fraud Call from +92?

Hi Friend,


Friday, 25 December 2009,10am, I got a call from one Mr. Sunil of Artel Office, Mumbai telling
me that I have won Airtel Mega Prize of Rs.25 lacs and gave me a number to contact as follows:

The contact number is 00923015590303 [that happens to be in Pakistan!!!] and the contact person name is Mr. Vijay Kumar. Yea, I taliked to him for a while costing me Rs.110 and I started suspecting something on this whether it’s a scam or real?!

So, if anybody received such calls from Airtel, please
let me know either posting here or other fraud complaints

Aware Fraud Websites to making money

Hi guys,

One of person mailed me regarding cheating from money making website.So do same mistake again.

This website is a fraud. This website is Government recognised & it was known to me by the newspaper Deccan Chronicle. Amit Rana :Rana Infotech (allahabad) Rana,Rana Infotech
Near Kendranchal Colony Gate, Phase-2,

This fellow is a fraud after receiving the money he replied and when i was unable the e-book I mailed him and he sent me some useless stuff , after that i sent him 4 to 5 e-mails but there isn’t any reply yet….. Are these kind of websites always fraud?

Mobile Cheaters Through internet

Hi guys,

i am narendra k jha.On 24 dec , after seeing so many adds about cheap
mobile sets i contacted a company with web site and
ordered a nokia e90 set. They asked for a payment of 330 dollars
equivalent to Rs 13030- which have to be said in a account in mumbai
state bank of india.
The details of the account are
account no.20003896355
After making the payment the company says that they can’t send one set
as the courier company is not ready to deliver one item so they are sending me 3 sets. And i need to pay more for those extra sets. Now my money and order are stuck. Please investigate and help

Don't try to get Mobiles and any other think like that websites and like people be aware of this one.



In india more number of engineering college , each year lac's of engineers coming out of college.
But, lot of student to struggle to get job.

Using this opportunity more number of guy called and give money i will get job for you like that cheated.

The followed are one of cheated person.

Name : Venkatkrishna ( I don't know exact name of cheater)

Bank A/C No: 4632000100004659

Bank A/C Holder name: S.VK. PRABHAKAR


The lot of person doing this job. If you face like that problem or if you know like that person mailed me .

I will post through this blog lot of person will aware of that one



This person cheated lot of student. The cheater information below.
Name: Nitin kumar Singh
Alias name: more name(Raj Varadhan)
Bank : ICICI
A/C NO: 008301031148
Branch:Faridabad ( Jarkand)
Mobile: 09871953313

This cheater to find mobile number from internet who willing to write CISCO Exam(Mostly All exam), called inform like You no need to come just deposit money like that the cheat.

Also, to call give cisco vocuher(one type of money payment for online exam) very cheaply

For example CCNA price Rs.12000(Actually fee). This cheater to ready to give Rs.6000 to 8000 like that.

So, all student to spread information to job search person also who willing to write online exam .


Hi all,

The main purpose of this blogs to identify you all cyber cheaters near by you. I update

through this blogs cyber cheater like internet, bank , mobile and hackers. I need all your help

to success this blog.

You know like cyber cheater through any mode like internet.

Kindly mailed, remaining people will get aware of that person or company.

I hope to reduce more cyber fraud through this way.